1. Foundation

Auditing is the first step for a good foundation.
Key auditing areas includes:

  • Competitor research
  • KPIs, Metrics & Tools
  • Customer Journey & site speed
  • SEO
  • Backend & Technology

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2. Redefyne

This is where we suggest areas of improvements before starting real Growth experimentations.

It will consist of a detailed report of suggestions to setup the right KPIs, tools and technologies to track everything and experiment the fastest possible.

3. Experiment

This consist of marketing experiments ideation (as many as possible) and classification to know which one to test first. They of course have to be related to the KPIs to grow. We keep track of where we stand and the expected growth.

Testing those experiments in weekly sprints.

4. Monitor

Here we analyze the results of all finished experiments to see which ones are conclusive.

5. Launch

You develop and push to production the conclusive experiments.